Baller Status :: Author Q&A: JLove CalderonOctober 25th, 2007

“Not only does JLove live, sleep and breathe hip-hop, above all, she fights for the genre and its culture. The well respected educator/activist, who is dedicated to the struggle for human rights and the positive proliferation of youth and hip-hop culture, has created and contributed to numerous of events and organizations, including We Got Issues! National Arts and Civic Engagement Tour and B-Boy Summit.

Growing up as a white girl in a multi-colored community filled with gang violence and hip-hop music, JLove is no stranger to the subjects she discussed while presenting at universities with the likes of KRS-One and Rosa Clemente. The activist recently released her second book, That White Girl, in which her own life and experiences serve as the guideline. Read on as JLove discusses her novel, love for hip-hop and her outlook on racism in hip hop culture.”


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author, educator, producer

Author, educator, and producer of film and television, JLove Calderón has worked passionately on social justice, race and gender issues for the last 16 years. In settings that range from hip-hop ciphers to the college classroom, JLove is widely respected for her advocacy of “truth, love, and freedom” as guiding principles to inspire dialogue and action toward liberation for all people and the planet.

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