Anti-Racist Potluck! Come eat and build!May 21st, 2010

You are in for a special treat. The May 21 AntiRacist Potluck! Join us on today for dialogue and discussion about Love, Race and Liberation; bring your ideas and best practices of how to engage educators and activists on issues of race and privilege. “Love, Race, and Liberation is a grand tribute to the love […]


In Honor of Mama’s EverywhereMay 5th, 2010

author, educator, producer

Author, educator, and producer of film and television, JLove Calderón has worked passionately on social justice, race and gender issues for the last 16 years. In settings that range from hip-hop ciphers to the college classroom, JLove is widely respected for her advocacy of “truth, love, and freedom” as guiding principles to inspire dialogue and action toward liberation for all people and the planet.

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