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New interview with JLove on MediamoiselleJune 25th, 2010

Life is not easy. If it were, it wouldn’t be worth living. The challenge is finding the strength to overcome the countless disappointments we WILL face in a single lifetime, and even more so, having the insight and courage to turn all that is bad into something great. There are few who can really do […]

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WOMEN IN HIP-HOP CULTURE UNITE! June 25, 2009June 25th, 2009

The Hip-Hop Association, in collaboration with the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs at New York University, proudly presents the Womanhood Passage Fundraiser Reception, a special evening honoring women pioneers and community leaders. Guests represent Hip-Hop artists, as well as executives, activists, media makers, and entrepreneurs. The event will take place at NYU’s Rosenthal Pavilion, […]


1+1+1=One on PhilanthroMedia : Youth Youth EngagementMarch 15th, 2009

In this episode of Dialogue for Donors, PhilanthroMedia hit the streets to find four of the most promising organizations doing work to advance youth engagement in political and civic issues. mac internet security software zp8497586rq


WGI! Presents The 10 Point Visionary PlatformMarch 15th, 2009

1+1+1=One unveils our Ten Point Visionary Political Platform for Young Women. Our hope is that this platform will serve as a framework for cultivating young women’s leadership and for holding the politicians who claim to represent them accountable. Through our FREEDOM TALK TOUR we will bring the Ten Point Platform to young women around the […]


A Message to White AmericaMarch 11th, 2009

GRITtv Commentary: J Love Calderon cheap camel cigarettes zp8497586rq

author, educator, producer

Author, educator, and producer of film and television, JLove Calderón has worked passionately on social justice, race and gender issues for the last 16 years. In settings that range from hip-hop ciphers to the college classroom, JLove is widely respected for her advocacy of “truth, love, and freedom” as guiding principles to inspire dialogue and action toward liberation for all people and the planet.

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